1. Happy b day to my big bro @gqmusiq been there for me since before day one. Like kanye said “at the Grammys I said I inspire me, but my big brotha who I always tried to be.” I appreciate you brotha! #thorough #lastofadyingbreed

  2. She the only thing I wanted for my b day… 👑🎉

  3. "Most the time when it rain it start pourin, but how we grind made the weather change for us…" Got Pops gold watch and rope chain on tonight… 🙏

  4. A lot has changed within a year pops. 🙏 R.I.P. I appreciate you dad.

  5. 🏀🏀🏀

  6. I am proud to be apart of the greatest fraternity in the world! Many are called few are chosen! 103 years of dreaming, achieving, and repeating! All my nupes say yo!!!👌💎 #kappa103 #nupe #sp2k10 #ace #achievement #yagirlfavoritefraternity #yobaby

  7. Return of 4eva 🙏 still in rotation while I’m “rotatin my tires.”

  8. Return of 4eva 🙏 still in rotation while I’m “rotation my tires”

  9. They made it from Amsterdam, thank you gentleman. @gsrnn @fillingpieces

  10. Got to see lil bro’s @x_ayers first college game. He gon be nice! 🙏 #oneofmybiggestinspirations